Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Katrina Burning? Redux

Last week, we highlighted A.C. Thompson's shocking report in The Nation about white vigilante groups that patrolled the Algiers Point section of New Orleans streets after Hurricane Katrina, shooting at African American men. None of the vigilantes have been prosecuted with a crime and as far as we can tell not a single major media outlet has reported on the horrific events.

Yesterday, Thompson appeared on "The Thom Hartmann Show." Thompson told Thom that the chief of the New Orleans police is actually investigating these shootings and has asked anybody with evidence to come forward. (Listen to the full interview below).

Thompson also told Thom racism played the biggest role in the shootings: “What you had is this group of white folks who took up arms, who by their own words, people I interviewed, basically were terrified of anyone who was coming into their neighborhood, who was an outsider. A lot of times that meant black folks.”

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